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Health care debate essays “We must work for a welcoming and compassionate society, a society where all Americans are indifferent and no American is neglected. In this the great and hopeful story of our country we must give all Americans who suffer from mental illness the treatment, and the respect, they are entitled not only as citizens of the U.S., but as members of humanity.” Because I agree with this quotation from: President George W. Bush, “Remarks by the President on Mental Health,” University of New Mexico Continuing Education Conference Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico, April 29,2002, p. on line access, 6.18.02. I offer the following resolution for consideration: Resolved: Government has a moral obligation to ensure access to metal health care services. For the sake of clarity I offer the following definitions of the key terms: 1. Government the ruling authority in a city, state, nation, of political unit; the body of officials that makes and enforces laws. 2. Moral obligation a duty that is based only on one’s conscience and Free social research essays and papers is not legally enforceable 3. Ensure to make sure or certain; buy essay online cheap occupy cal secure 4. Access the opportunity of right to experience or make use of something 5. Mental pertaining to the mind and emotions 6. Health Care the prevention and treatment of illness or injury, esp. on a comprehensive or ongoing basis. 7. Service contribution to the welfare of others The Value offered buy essay online cheap occupy cal the affirmative in today’s debate is utilitarianism Princeton University defines utilitarianism as a doctrine that the useful is the good especially as elaborated by Jeremy Bentham and James Mill the aim being the greatest happiness for of greatest number. The Criterion for evaluating the affirmative value will be quality of life The relationship between the value and the criterion is supported by David Lyons in his book Ethics and the Rule of Law (Cambridge University Press, 1984.

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